Everybody has a passion. Mine is lashes and aromatherapy. And I have the best team for a job – my little dog Sara and son Reinard. Sometimes it feels like a family business.

Meet my team: Yorkshire terrier Sara and Rei who is hiding in his tummy house

My experience goes back 10 years when I became certified Xtreme Lashes ® eyelash extensions artist. I stand for natural looking lashes – the real life lashes you can wear every day.

Aromatherapy is my hidden gem. I started studies at ITHMA London in 2012 at around the same time I discovered aromatherapy. It was a very hard and bumpy road for me but aromatherapy taught me two things. First, is to never give up and second – notice the good and true things around you.

I hope you will enjoy this website as much as I do. Good luck.

Dace Tinagbedia

/Xtreme Lashes® technique artist, ITHMA and IFPA accredited aromatherapist and massage therapist